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Pommern Water Project


Pommern Water Project Update - July 2017

The Pommern Water Project's impact on the community continues to grow.  It has increased students wanting to come to the Secondary School because they will have water access while other schools do not have water and students still must leave class to retrieve water in buckets.

Apparently, because Pommern is seen as progressing due to the access of water, the government has built a school for the disabled to attend. We were able to tour the school and meet the student body.  Most of the students are deaf or have serious physical disabilities.  We know that a "separate" school for disabled is not our way but it is progress for TZ just to have a school for disabled to learn whereas before they received no formal education supported by government schools.


Water access or "tap" water has also permitted the growth of new more substantial quality buildings since water is needed to make bricks and cement.  This allows people to improve their homes and other structures.  We were able to observe more brick homes of increased quality rather than mud-clay structures. This also enabled the new government school for the disabled to be built.

We were informed another and surprising impact of the water project by a long time member of the community and former now retired Headmaster of the Primary School who now is sort of a Teacher/Counselor Emeritus at the Secondary School (Barnabas Chavala).  He informed us that the water project is helping to bring equality between men and women.  We asked how could that be?  He explained that traditional men would never go and fetch water from the river or other source but only women and children.  We were very aware of this.  Yet, he explained with the water access simply outside the home, now the men will go and fetch water at the water tap while the wife may continue doing some other home task.  Ahhh!!! Yes, this seems so minor and such a small thing for us in the USA but in Pommern this is progress for women and men in their relationships.  Small steps lead to bigger progress on personal levels.