Construction - Pipeline Trench Construction - Pipeline Trench Digging the pipeline trench entirely with hand tools 138616616 Mohamed helping to dig 138616617 Digging the pipeline trench entirely with hand tools 138616618 Digging the pipeline trench 138616619 Digging the pipeline trench 138616620 Digging the pipeline trench 138616621 Along the pipeline trench 138616622 Along the pipeline trench 138616623 Along the pipeline trench 138616624 Along the pipeline trench 138616625 Along the pipeline trench 138616626 Irrigation water crosses the trench by a small wood aquaduct 138616627 One of several places where the pipeline trench crosses a gully 138616628 The pipeline trench rises out of a small creekbed 138616629 The pipeline ends near the Medical Clinic and will feed into eight 5,000 liter storage tanks 138616630 Thanking some of the trench digging crew 138616631 Gallus, retired water technician, digs out the wall of the trench to hold a concrete and brick box for a "gate valve" 138678623 Moses and Gallus dig out the trench wall for a gate valve 138678624 Gallus measures the footprint for the concrete and brick box for one of six gate valves along the pipeline 138678625 Moses builds the box to hold a gate valve, one of six along the pipeline 138678626 Eric and Gallus mix cement to build a chamber for the first of six gate valves 138678627 The chamber is nearly finished. The gate valve will allow air to escape the line 138678628 A gate valve will be installed in six places where the pipeline climbs out of a gully or streambed 138678629 Eric helping Gallus prepare a steel mesh for the gate valve chamber lid 138678630 Mimi and Moses smoothing the concrete that will be the chamber lid 138678631