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Pommern Water Project


2017 Gallery

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Welcoming at Pommern Secondary School

Pommern Secondary School - New Administration Building

Pommern Secondary School Soccer Game and Win Celebration!

New Government School in Pommern for Disabled Students

Upendo Mmoja Children, Staff, Interns, Visitors

Children at Upendo Mmoja

Upendo Mmoja Staff

Simba the Guard Puppy!

Upendo Mmoja Board Members

Neida (Cook/Housemother) and her Beautiful Handmade Baskets

Upendo Mmoja Buildings

Helping Build the Barn - Straightening R-Bars

Helping Build the Barn - Bricks, Bricks, Bricks!

Helping Build the Barn - Stacking Lumber for Roof

Skilled Mason Building the Barn

Putting up a Fence

Putting up a New Clothesline

Jake, Mimi, Abby Looking at Barn Construction Progress

Other Construction - Building the Fire Pit,  Marking the Traffic Circle

Our Hand Prints Joining the Upendo Mmoja Community

Playing with the Children at Upendo Mmoja - Netball, Duck Duck Goose, Other Fun!

Helping Teach the Children at Upendo Mmoja

Children Learning Life Skills Such as Washing Their Clothes