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Global Volunteers

Global Volunteers is a private, non-profit, non-sectarian, non-governmental organization based in Minnesota.  Global Volunteers offers short, three-week service trips to locations around the world for volunteers to work alongside members of the local community on projects planned and organized by the community.

Each team of volunteers is linked to the next team in completing projects.  The mission of Global Volunteers and its volunteers is not only to be of service to the local community but mostly to increase international people-to-people contacts and to “wage peace” through better cultural understanding.  A key component of Global Volunteers’ philosophy is self-reliance and self-determination of the local communities that are served.  Therefore, local community members and leaders set the priorities of the volunteers’ work and direct the work.  All work projects include a one-to-one ratio of a local volunteer to a Global Volunteer.  Learn more about Global Volunteers and their programs here.


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