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Pommern Water Project


Friends of Pommern

We use this page to recognize people and organizations that donated $100 or more, or held a fundraising event for the Pommern Water Project.  In 2011 we reached the fundraising goal and we no longer need donations.  Currently the system in Pommern is supported by user fees collected for maintenance and repairs.  See the System Updates page for more information.

Contact us at:  [email protected]

Friends of Pommern
  • Mary and Michael Adkins 
  • Richard Baks 
  • Shankha Banerji
  • Warren and Barb Berthelsen 
  • David and Judy Bonior
  • Barbara and Bill Chase
  • Gary and Lauren Crocker 
  • Marjorie Flynn 
  • Mimi Gendreau
  • Dana and Sharon Gire
  • Robert and Rose Goebel
  • Mary and Bill Greenway
  • Catherine Hartkop
  • Joan Himmes
  • Sue Keller
  • Cheryl Krysiak
  • Marty Magid and Susan Beale
  • Linda McAllister
  • Chris McNeely
  • James McNeely
  • Michigan Institute for Human Performance
  • Fred and Jennifer Miller
  • Eric Noyes
  • Jane Noyes
  • Jeanette Noyes
  • Paul and Judy Noyes 
  • Lori Opp
  • Katy Paton 
  • Bob Pettapiece
  • Ron Phillips 
  • John and Margaret Pugh
  • Cathy and Ed Radtke
  • Louis Reilly
  • Elizabeth Rickard 
  • James and Suzanne Rielly
  • Nadine Riopel
  • Paul and Deanne Riopel
  • Riopel Enterprises
  • Ray Royer
  • SS. John and Paul Church 
  • Pam Schafer
  • Sarah Squires
  • Linda Stinson
  • Kathleen Straus
  • Daniel Tailleur
  • John and Marilyn Tarantino
  • Chris and Bridgett Theodoroff
  • Sally Thornton
  • Jeraldine and Jan van den Top
  • Fr. John Weber
  • Bill and Julie Windhorst
  • Ken and Sharon Wolf
  • John and Annette Wright
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