and More Projects in Partnership
with the Pommern Community

Pommern Water Project


Friends of Upendo Mmoja

The following people and organizations have donated to ensure that the Carpentry and Craft Workshop and Boys’ Dormitory are built as part of Upendo Mmoja’s Residential and Vocational Training Campus in partnership with the Pommern community:
  • Richard P. Baks
  • Margaret E. Benson
  • Shankha Banerji
  • Judy and David Bonior
  • Pat and Clem Chargot
  • Laureen and Gary Crocker
  • Debra Dorosh
  • Barb Fitzpatrick
  • Mimi Gendreau
  • Bob and Kathy George
  • William and Mary Greenway
  • Robert and Rose Goebel
  • Becky and Mike Holden
  • Bill and Bev Huellmantel
  • Suzanne M. Keller
  • Tom and Mary Ann Klakulak
  • Douglas M. Light
  • Fred and Jennifer Miller
  • Kathy and Matt Mollon
  • Sue and Patrick Moorman
  • Carol and Gerold Noyes
  • Eric Noyes
  • Jeannette Noyes
  • Ron and Sharon Pewinski
  • Scott and Laura Price
  • John and Margaret Pugh
  • Deanne and Paul Riopel
  • Kelly and Neal Rose
  • Redina and Don Simon
  • Joe and Brenda Slabbinck
  • Helen and James Vick
  • Cathy Weingartz
  • Julie and Bill Windhorst